Dr. Fritz Faulhaber

*27.08.1948       †06.02.2017

In memoriam: Dr. Fritz Faulhaber

It is with great sorrow that we learned of the death of our partner, chairman of the board of the Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG and chairman of the supervisory board of our subsidiaries. Dr. Faulhaber passed away on 6th February 2017 at the age of 68 after serious illness.

He became a partner in the Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG in 1985 and chairman of the management board in 1992. He was also actively involved as chairman of the supervisory boards for all of the subsidiaries of the FAULHABER Group.

With Dr. Faulhaber we have lost a great and visionary entrepreneur whose character and ethics played a major positive role in shaping our company and the entire FAULHABER Group. It was through his actions that all of the individual companies springing from the family legacy of Dr. Faulhaber Sr. were conglomerated into a single, pioneering FAULHABER Group.

He will remain in our thoughts with deepest respect and esteem as a special person. We are also committed to leading the FAULHABER Group successfully into the future as he would have done.

With a heavy heart,

Partners, management and employees

Dr. Fritz Faulhaber GmbH & Co. KG
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