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FAULHABER offers the largest consolidated portfolio of miniature and micro drive technologies available in the world today. Our Product catalogue helps you to comfortably find and compare the right product in a few steps.

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FAULHABER DC-Micromotors differ from conventional iron core DC motors in that the rotor consists of a self-supporting, skew wound copper coil. More Informations

Brushless DC-Motors

Whether it's high torque 4 pole servomotors, highly efficient flat motors,or compact slotless motors, FAULHABER specializes in getting the most performance out of the smallest package. More informations

Motors with integrated electronics

FAULHABER Motion Control Systems combine the high performance of a FAULHABER brushless motor with tailor made drive electronics to create the industry’s most compact integrated motion solutions. More Informations

QUICKSHAFT® Linear DC-Servomotors bring linear motion to new dimensions. These high performance, miniature, linear motors consist of a solid stator housing and coil assembly and a multi-pole magnetic forcer rod.

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Stepper Motors

Robust assembly, high speed range, and exceptional performance in even the harshest environments make PRECIstep® drive systems the perfect solution for demanding positioning applications.

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Industrial Actuators

Engineered in a compact design, this industrial actuators combine FAULHABER’s innovative drive system solutions consisting of powerful DC-Micromotors, robust planetary gearheads and high-precision feedback components.

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Piezo Motors

A Piezo LEGS motor is precise down to the nanometer range, has instant response time and does not suffer from backlash problems.

These motors are available as linear version or as rotary version.

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FAULHABER developes high performance modular gearheads to complement each of its motor technologies.

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Thanks to their high-precision mechanical design, FAULHABER ball screws are ideally suited for positioning tasks requiring a high degree of accuracy.

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For higher resolution positioning and speed control, FAULHABER provides a wide range of encoders for combination with the complete portfolio of FAULHABER DC, brushless, and stepper motors.

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Drive Electronics

A wide range of powerful, compact drive electronics has been developed for FAULHABER drive systems.

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In addition to the drive components FAULHABER offers a wide range of accessories.

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Planetary Gearheads series 26/1R

Planetary Gearheads series 32/3R

Motion Control Systems Series MCS 3274 ... BP4 ET

Motion Control Systems Series MCS3274 ... BP4 RS/CO

DC-Micromotors series 1016...SR

Brushless DC-Motors series 1935...BRC

Motion Library Kendrion

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