FAULHABER Motion Manager

Operation and configuration programmes for FAULHABER Motion and Speed Controller via RS232, USB or CAN interface.

The “FAULHABER Motion Manager” software provides the user with comprehensive support for start-up and configuration of FAULHABER drive controls. The graphical user interface makes uniform and intuitive procedures possible independent of the device family and interface used.

The software is characterised by the following features:

  • Start-up support wizards
  • Access to connected devices via Node-Explorer
  • Configuration of drive functions and controller parameters using convenient, coordinated dialogues for the respective device family
  • Context-sensitive online help
  • Only for Motion Controllers:
    • Graphical analysis tools for drive behaviours and controller setting
    • Macro function for execution of command sequences
    • Development environment for sequrence programmes and Visual Basic Script programmes

The Speed Controller can be configured using a Programming Board via both RS232 and USB. The appropriate USB driver is automatically installed with Motion Manager.

A USB to serial adapter is available for devices with the RS232 interface whose driver must be installed separately.

When using the CAN interface, a supported CAN interface incl. the associated driver must be installed on the PC. CAN interfaces by the following manufacturers are currently supported:

  • Peak
  • ESD
  • EMS

New features in Motion Manager 6:

  • Completely revised user interface with window docking function

  • Node-Explorer with integrated project management

  • Support for the MC V3.0 family Motion Controller
    • Controller configuration with controlled system identification 
    • Expanded graphical analysis options
    • Further tools for operation and controller tuning


Supported operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7.

Supported Drive Electronics:

SC family

• SC xxxx
• BX4 SC series
• BRC series
• BL Flat SC series

MC V3.0 family

• MC5010 S RS/CO/ET
• MC5005 S RS/CO/ET
• MC5004 P RS/CO/ET
• MCS series

Supported operating systems:
Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, XP.

Supported Drive Electronics:

SC family

• SC xxxx
• BX4 SC series
• BRC series
• BL Flat SC series

MC V1.0 family

• MCDC 280x
• MCBL 280x
• 3564K024B C

MC V2.0/V2.5 family

RS (RS232) interface: CF interface
CO interface (CANopen):
• MCDC 300x RS • MCDC 300x CF • MCDC 300x CO
• MCBL 300x RS • MCBL 300x CF • MCBL 300x CO
• MCLM 300x RS • MCLM 300x CF • MCLM 300x CO
• CS/CSD series • CC/CCD series • CO/COD series