Platte DC-micromotoren en DC-tandwielmotoren



The heart of these Flat DC-Micromotors is the ironless rotor made up of three flat self supporting windings.

The rotor winding has exceptionally low inertia and inductance and rotates in an axial magnetic field.

Motor torque can be increased by the addition of an integrated reduction gearhead. This also reduces the speed to fit the specifi cations in the application.

FAULHABER specializes in the modifi cation of their drive systems to fi t the customer‘s particular application requirements. Common modifications include vaccuum compatibility, extreme temperature compatability, modified shaft geometry, additional voltage types, custom motor leads and connectors, and much more.


  • No cogging
  • Extremely low current consumption – low starting voltage
  • Highly dynamic performance due to a low inertia, low inductance winding
  • Light and compact
  • Precise speed control
  • Simple to control due to the linear performance characteristics

DC-Gearmotor with integrated encoder

DC-Gearmotor with integrated encoder

Product Code

Product code