A new roof that does the business

The sun is an impressive energy source: every year it radiates up to 10,000 times more energy onto the Earth than the world’s population requires. Photovoltaic systems use this light energy and convert it in an environmentally friendly-way directly into electrical energy. FAULHABER is now also focussing on the power of the sun for generating power at Schönaich.

The technicians at revotec energy GmbH from Leonberg installed 576 individual modules onto the FAULHABER GmbH roof on a surface of 928 square meters in autumn 2015. That is about the size of three and a half tennis courts. The modules are elevated on the flat roof at an incline of 10° and thereby cannot be seen from below. One half of the modules is aligned to the east (92°) the other half to the west (272°). Unlike before, east-west alignment is preferred to south-facing alignment, because experience has shown that the yield is better with this arrangement.

100 percent for our own requirements
The generator energy is 147,339 kilowatt hours per year. This is the equivalent of the average annual consumption of 30 four-person households in Germany. 100% percent of the energy generated by this first photovoltaic system at Schönaich is used for our own requirements. The proportion of overall power consumption that is covered by solar power within the company is 5.9 % at the infeed point in buildings I and II. Factor in all three buildings at Schönaich and this comes to 4.3 % of total power consumption from the new system.

Focus on climate protection
Reducing harmful CO2 emissions and make sparing use of energy sources are among the guiding principles of FAULHABER’s sustainability strategy. The company implements this of its own volition and in a conscientious way. This already applies to product development: because FAULHABER drive systems have high efficiency at low energy requirements and thereby contribute to climate protection. And furthermore, the entrepreneurial actions of FAULHABER are characterised by the desire to continuously and actively improve environmental protection. The certification of the environmental management system in accordance with ISO 14001 emphasises these claims. As far as concrete implementation is concerned, this means maintaining material and energy efficiency during production, exploiting the potential of recycling and also taking environmental aspects into consideration in the infrastructure of the production facilities.

88 tonnes of CO2 are cut
Since the flat roof of one of the buildings at FAULHABER was due for renovation, it seemed logical to find a forward-looking solution which also included climate protection. Over 88,300 kilograms of CO2 emissions can be cut every year with the new photovoltaic system. Furthermore, the system’s interface modules are designed in such a way that a possible extension onto the adjacent roof can be connected up. A monitor in FAULHABER’s reception area informs employees and guests about the system’s current performance data and the amount of electricity that has been fed in since commissioning.

Overview of the specifications:
Individual modules: 576
Surface area: 928 m²
Generator power: 161.28 kWp
Generator energy: 147,339 kWh/year
Proportion of internal consumption: 100%
CO² emissions prevented: 88,341 kg/year