Award-winning: Tattooing with the bumblebee

FAULHABER at the International Builders & Tattoo Industry Expo in Amsterdam

The first International Builders & Tattoo Industry Expo from 1–2 October in Amsterdam was a complete success for FAULHABER. At our booth, tattoo artists, machine manufacturers and dealers learned about the performance strengths of the drive solutions, characterised above all by the extremely low rotor inertia and the smooth operation. FAULHABER thereby combines performance, dynamics and vibration-free operation in a very small motor size. This is valued above all by tattoo artists, who use their smooth-running machines with FAULHABER drives in their studios to inject complex images under the skin of their clients, and do so with less fatigue.

We are especially pleased that Richard Batey from Immortal Innovations won first place for the best rotary tattoo machine at the expo in Amsterdam with his new BumbleBee. Driven by a FAULHABER motor, the tattoo machine convinced the jury of experts above all with the lightweight and ergonomic body as well as the further improved handling. Thanks not least of all to the compact and smooth-running drive solution, the machine is very easy to hold, extremely manoeuvrable during work and allows for long, fatigue-free operation – all of decisive importance for professional tattoo artists.

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