For higher resolution positioning and speed control, FAULHABER provides a wide range of encoders for combination with the complete portfolio of FAULHABER DC, brushless, and stepper motors.

2 and 3 Channel incremental magnetic and optical encoders with standard quadrature resolution from 16 to up to 1024 cpr or single turn absolute encoders with a resolution up to 10 000 steps are available.


Encoders and sensors

FAULHABER Motors are offered in combination with sensors and encoders. An encoder is a sensor for angle measurement that is usually used for speed or position control.

Digital Hall

The term sensor refers to digital or analog Hall sensor which, in the FAULHABER Brushless DC-Motors, are usually mounted directly on the motor circuit board. Digital Hall sensors are used primarily for the commutation of the Brushless DC-Motors and for simple speed control. Almost all FAULHABER Brushless DC-Motors are equipped standard with three integrated digital Hall sensors.

In addition, analog Hall sensors are generally available as an option.

Analog Hall

Due to the higher resolution, the analog Hall sensors can also be used for precise speed or position control, making them an especially economical, lightweight and compact alternative to encoders. The option for analog Hall sensors can be found directly in the data sheets of the motors under “Controller combinations”. If this option is selected, no encoder is needed. The space and cost advantages make analog Hall sensors the preferred solution for most positioning applications with Brushless DC-Motors. When selecting this option, it is recommended that the sensors be operated with FAULHABER Controllers, which are perfectly designed for the analog Hall signals.