Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors and DC-Gearmotors


The heart of each brushless flat DC-Motor consists of the flat stator windings. The rotor is constructed of a high power rare earth magnet and two rotating discs which provide the back iron for an optimal use of the magnetic flux.

The rotating back iron also serves to eliminate any cogging, or so-called detent torque which improves the inherent speed control properties of the motor drastically. Thanks to the brushless commutation the motors can reach much higher operational lifetimes than conventional mechanically commutated DC-Motors.

Motor torque can be increased and motor speed reduced by the addition of an integrated reduction gearhead. The revolutionary integrated design provides for a wide variety of reduction ratios while maintaining a very flat profile.



Brushless Flat DC-Micromotors

BLDC-Flat Micromotors


  • No cogging torque
  • Electronic commutation using three digital Hall sensors
  • Precise speed control
  • Flat, light, and very compact