FAULHABER Motion Control

Feel the Power

Decentralised intelligence promotes maximum performance

Not limited to, but perfectly optimised for the ­FAULHABER drive program, you extract the maximum from any FAULHABER drive with the MC 5004, MC 5005 and MC 5010 version positioning controllers – whether DC-Micromotors, Brushless or Linear DC-Servomotors.

Advantages of this series at a glance

  • Modular design with 3 performance classes
  • New connection concept with plugs
  • Interface variants RS232, CANopen, USB
  • Can be used in slave or stand-alone operation
  • High performance, peak current up to 30 A
  • Extensive protective and diagnostic functions, status LEDs
  • Expanded power supply range with separate electronics supply
  • Improved current measurement
  • Flexible motor control, fast control loops
  • Many freely selectable operating modes
  • Also suitable for DIN rail mounting