Driveless Racing Cars

Driverless driving is a topic which is currently attracting a great deal of attention from experts and media alike. Driverless racing cars have now competed against each other for the first time in “Formula Student Driverless” in August 2017 in the “Formula Student Germany” competition at the Hockenheimring (Baden-Württemberg). These vehicles were built by teams of students. FAULHABER supported two of these teams: one from Stuttgart and one from Munich. Both teams received important technical components for their vehicles from FAULHABER.

9th place for the Munich team

Around 120 students from the University of Munich from a wide range of different degree courses such as vehicle technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, computer engineering, design and business administration worked together under the name of municHMotorsport. The Formula Student Racing Team was founded in order to put the theory from lectures into practice. FAULHABER provided the municHMotorsport team with two motors including the appropriate accessories for a driverless vehicle that took part in the “Formula Student Driverless” competition.

“The main focus of our team during the competition was on showing that we can build a driverless racing car”, says team member Maximilian Steiner. The team succeeded in doing this, even though they were somewhat unlucky during the competition: They “only” managed 9th place in the event because of a cable break in one of the sensor systems. However, municHMotorsport team wants to compete with a driverless vehicle again in the coming season.

4th place for the Stuttgart team

25 students from different technical degree courses at the University of Stuttgart combined to form GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart. The team has been building racing cars for more than 50 years. Now they were faced with the task of converting their Formula Student racing car for highly-automated, i.e. driverless, driving round a circuit for the first time.
“We chose the FAULHABER 3274...BP4 brushless DC-Servomotor as the actuator for the steering. We installed this parallel to the steering column. It operates directly on the steering column using the planetary gearhead 38A (60:1) from FAULHABER and a spur gear stage that we developed ourselves”, says Paul Melzer from the GreenTeam, explaining the technical details. The driverless racing car from the Stuttgart team achieved a respectable 4th place in the competition.