Blood sugar testing – now easier than ever

Leading a normal life – even as a diabetic. This is no longer wishful thinking but a reality. Thanks to advances made in the last few years, today diabetics can test their own blood glucose levels and adjust their medication accordingly – giving more independence and quality of life.

The new ACCU-CHEK® Compact Plus marks a new departure in the design of blood sugar meters. The main emphasis has been placed on user-friendliness and optimum safety. The device takes a blood sugar reading at the simple touch of a button. A batch of 17 test strips is stored in a drum and, in contrast to previous models, the strips no longer require individual handling. Pressing the button moves the test strip into position, and another press ejects it once a reading has been taken. The drum rotates into the next position, and the device is ready for the next test. This meter makes it substantially easier to carry out a blood sugar test, whenever and wherever necessary. When the strips are used up, a replacement drum can be fitted with two simple hand actions.

The highly integrated drive system behind this automatic process for positioning and processing test strips was developed by FAULHABER in close cooperation with the customer. The challenge lay in the complexity of the mechatronic battery-powered drive unit. Since the device could not be larger than a mobile phone, only minimal space within the casing was available.

Now that development is complete, the whole drive is being produced by FAULHABER.