Is that colour right?

Tension is mounting. The first print runs of FAULHABER's latest brochures are literally 'hot off the press' as they emerge from the printing towers and are immediately drawn off the stack in one deft movement. It's an anxious moment. Using standard illumination, expert eyes examine the first finished sheets and check them against the specimen colour proof.

First impressions are promising, but the colour reproduction might still need some fine-tuning before the go-ahead can be given for the final print run.
Maybe a touch more blue here, a little less red there? There was a time when all these adjustments –and even the basic settings – involved laborious work with spanners to fine-tune the setting screws on the actual printing towers.

Not any more. Nowadays, it all happens with just one press of a button from the main control console. Each printing unit now has 32 FAULHABER drive systems responsible for setting the ink jets with pinpoint accuracy – every single time. The colour values only have to be defined once and stored electronically to achieve identical results for any number of reprints.
FAULHABER's highly sensitive ink-jet control system has been designed with quality and cost in mind. A DC micromotor, complete with gear mechanism, separate feedback drives and a feedback potentiometer are integrated into a customised housing, the complete actuator delivering a torque of up to 200 mNm.