Electronically controlled movements can be found almost everywhere. The huge variety of miniature motors mirrors the broad spectrum of potential applications. In the field of miniature drives in particular, FAULHABER offers a range of powerful standard products that can easily master tasks in everyday applications.

Application Highlights

Kinetic sculpture in the showroom

In celebration of their 100th anniversary, the BMW Group commissioned the development of the "Iconic Impulses" exhibition, which looks ahead to the future: What will mobility look like in the next 100 years? What will move people? The technical implementation of the international exhibition was undertaken by MKT AG from Olching near Munich, who relied on drives from FAULHABER.



A combination of exercise, relaxation and a sporting challenge - these are the things that motivate golfers when they step onto the green. The golfer’s most important companion is a lightweight and manoeuvrable golf trolley. The latest models assist their owners as E-caddies, like the TiCad Liberty, the premium golf trolley from manufacturer TiCad. The drive for these trolleys is provided by micromotors from Schönaich.

Chairless chair

"Oh, my legs! Aargh, my back!" Complaints like this are not uncommon when people have to spend a long day standing up. In many cases it is not possible to sit down at work because there must not be any chairs in the way. You are therefore on your feet all day, which can be quite uncomfortable. This can have a detrimental effect on concentration and performance. It can also result in physical complaints and more time taken off work, especially amongst older employees. Swiss start-up company Noonee has now developed a solution for relieving the strain on legs and backs that is both imaginative and simple – the chairless chair.


Watch Winder

The object wouldn't be out of place in a gallery or museum. There the constant and interlocking movement of the watches would be interpreted as a three-dimensional metaphor for the eternal mystery of time. In actual fact, the sight of a rotating and revolving sculpture at an art exhibition was the "big bang" for M&E. Its founders took the fascination evoked by this work of art back to the development workshop. They combined it with sophisticated technology and exquisite details to create a luxurious product in every sense. At its heart is a motor from FAULHABER which provides gentle motion for the finest watches in the world.


Design water dispenser

Water stands for life, refreshment, fun, and last but not least for artistic quality. The latter becomes ap­-parent by looking at ancient wells, cascades, and other trick fountains. Nowadays, state-of-the-art technology allows you to bring the "art of water" into your house in superficially profane items such as fittings. Instead of considering fittings as an individual design objects, a special design emphasizes the combination between fitting and water. In support of this new design, handling also breaks the mold in the field of domestic electrical installation. Instead of conventional manual operation, miniature motors with gearing regulate the required water flow to the fitting in the background, discreetly and maintenance-free for years.


Soccer Robots

What looks like a gadget is often serious science with a significant potential for research as well as commerce. ­Unfortunately, the merits of such work are often underestimated, particularly in Germany. One of the exceptions to this is a research project conducted by the University of Freiburg in cooperation with adp ­Gauselmann GmbH, a subsidiary of the Gauselmann Group. Within the ­framework of a doctoral thesis by Thilo Weigel, the team developed a special piece of software for table soccer. It is designed to react intelligently to situa-tional moves that are made in the game.